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Tools Techniques and Inspiration for Healthy Mourning and Happy Living and Loving

Come join us in the circle of learning MARIA IS A MASTERFUL, GENTLE AND GIFTED FACILITATOR. - Bill Arnall CATCH THE HAPPY talks and workshops available LIFE CHANGING! THANK YOU!! - Kimberley Holowka PATHWAY TO PEACE Workshop Coming Soon! Keynote topics include: FROM STRESSED TO SOOTHED and COMPANIONING THE BEREAVED. Click on Public Speaking to learn more.

Public Speaking


“Maria is a treasure. Her presentation of the material is excellent. She is clear, concise, funny and fun. We all had a great time and learned a lot to boot.” ~ Yvonne Racine, Edmonton Promoter

Maria Kliavkoff is an international speaker and workshop leader who enjoys connecting with her audience.  Whether it is a keynote address, a professional development seminar, a health and wellness convention, a congregational talk, or an evening gathering in a living room, Maria speaks from the heart, delivering information on the chosen topic with ease and grace. Her natural teaching style and light sense of humor puts people at ease right away. Talks range from 30 minutes to half-day mini-workshops. Prices range accordingly and are negotiated at the time of booking. Promoters and conference planners are invited to consult with Maria in selecting a suitable topic for their community.  Maria is proud to be a member of the Canadian Association of Public Speakers, Workplace Speakers Network and the Women Speakers Association.  In addition, Maria is the founding Executive Director of the Hospice Society of the Columbia Valley (


COMPASSIONATE CARE AT END OF LIFE Gentle exploration of a topic we shy away from and a conversation we require…and deeply desire.

COMPANIONING COMPLICATED GRIEF  There are four key categories to complicated grief.  As we learn about the categories we can better companion those who are going through a complicated grief journey.

COMPANIONING THE WOMB TWIN SURVIVOR  While this is arguably the most disinfranchised of griefs, statistics say 3 out of 10 people have a womb twin survivor story.  When our first experience of grief is in the womb we may live with the symptoms of carried grief.  The good news is catch-up mourning is always possible.  

HEALTHY MOURNING, HAPPY LOVING  The key to living and loving happily is to mourn our losses fully.  The grief journey is different for everyone.  In a society that does not give us the time or teach us the pathway of healthy mourning, it becomes vital to learn how to convert our grief to healthy mourning so that we can live love filled lives, even after loss.

NAVIGATING BURIED AND CARRIED GRIEF In a society that does not give us the time and space to convert our grief to mourning a majority of us have learned to bury and carry our grief.  It is time for us to learn about catch-up mourning.

PATHWAY TO PEACE  The symptoms of grief can be difficult to navigate.  Embracing the journey of grief, though challenging, can lead to peace and hope for a love filled future.


  • Basics of Compassionate Care
  • Basics of Grief Support
  • Complicated Grief A Deeper Conversation
  • Converting Grief to Mourning
  • Grief Sensitivity Training
  • Grief and Mourning – the Basics
  • Keys to Catch-Up Mourning
  • Supporting the Womb Twin Survivor
  • Working with Dysinfranchised Grief

All Keynote Topics and Breakout Sessions can be expanded into a 2-hour, half-day or  day-long workshop

  • A Course in Sensitivity Training for Financial Institutions Working with Those Who Are Grieving
  • From Surviving To Thriving, An Introduction to The Sacred Circle
  • Listening and Communication Skills Training for Hospice Volunteers
  • Pathway To Purpose
  • Keys to Effective Facilitation

For more information or to book Maria to speak at your event, please email or call (250) 347-2110.