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Tools, Techniques and Inspiration to Live Your Dreams

Come join us in the circle of learning MARIA IS A MASTERFUL, GENTLE AND GIFTED FACILITATOR. - Bill Arnall CATCH THE HAPPY talks and workshops available LIFE CHANGING! THANK YOU!! - Kimberley Holowka PATHWAY TO PEACE Workshop Coming Soon! Keynote topics include: FROM STRESSED TO SOOTHED and COMPANIONING THE BEREAVED. Click on Public Speaking to learn more.

Gift Registry

Contact our office at 403-282-2119 or to register. Make  shopping easier this year and receive the gift of your dreams.  We have gifts at all price points ranging from Talks on CD and Catch the Happy Circle Passes to Private Session, Workshop, Retreat and Training Session Gift Certificates.  We invite you to look at our gift list and go shopping for others while selecting the gifts you would most enjoy.  We have made the registry a simple three step process.

Step #1: Select the 3 products and/or programs that you would most like and list them as your first, second and third choice. 
Step #2: Send your choice list along with your complimentary CD request (see below) to us. 
Step #3: Forward the e-mail that we send you to your family and friends to let them know you are registered with us. Your loved ones will be informed of your gift choices and invited to do one of the following:

  • purchase one of the gifts you identified
  • gift an amount of their choosing towards one of your gifts
  • gift an amount of their choosing that can be applied to any of your gift choices


To thank you for being a part of our gift registry program we will gift you one of the following Talks on CD by Maria Kliavkoff:

  • New Year, New You
  • The Real Question…Are You Willing?
  • Present and Accountable
  • Living Your heart’s Desire
  • Living Connection
  • Living, Laughing, Loving
  • From Burden to Bliss


Gift List

Maria Kliavkoff’s talks on CD $10 including:

  •     New Year, New You
  •     The Real Question…Are You Willing?
  •     Present and Accountable
  •     Living Your Heart’s Desire
  •     Living Connection
  •     Living, Laughing. Loving
  •     From Burden to Bliss
  •     Living Your Dreams

Making Miracles Series:

  •     Making Order Out of Chaos
  •     An Enthusiastic YES!
  •     Surrendering the I
  •     Living the Miracle

There is Love Series:

  • The Troubadour
  • Loving Remembrance
  • The Rebirth of Man and Woman
  • I am Love

Special: Buy any 3 CD’s and get the 4th free!

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Catch the Happy Circle Passes
6 pass – $135.00
12 pass – $260.00

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Private Sessions with Maria Kliavkoff

One hour session:
In person                           $110.00
Gift Certificate                   $  95.00
Package of 4                    $400.00
Package of 6                    $570.00

By Skype™ or Phone        $  95.00
Gift Certificate                    $  75.00
Package of 4                      $340.00
Package of 6                      $450.00

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3 Day Workshops

The Integrated Goddess                          $395.00
The Dance of True Partnership               $395.00
Embrace Change, Welcome Life              $395.00

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Pathway to Purpose part 1 – 3 day workshop     $395.00
Pathway to Purpose part 2 – 3 day workshop     $395.00

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Training Programs

Keys to Effective Facilitation Part 1     $300.00
Keys to Effective Facilitation Part 2     $300.00

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Facilitator Leadership Training  

1st Practicum – Winter 2011              $  500.00
Phase 2 – March 10 – 16, 2012        $2,000.00
2nd Practicum – Summer, 2012         $  500.00
Phase 3 – June 9 – 15, 2012            $2,000.00
3rd Practicum – Winter, 2012            $   500.00
Phase 4 – March 9 – 15, 2013         $ 2,000.00

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