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MK Facilitations

Tools, Techniques and Inspiration to Live Your Dreams

Come join us in the circle of learning MARIA IS A MASTERFUL, GENTLE AND GIFTED FACILITATOR. - Bill Arnall CATCH THE HAPPY talks and workshops available LIFE CHANGING! THANK YOU!! - Kimberley Holowka PATHWAY TO PEACE Workshop Coming Soon! Keynote topics include: FROM STRESSED TO SOOTHED and COMPANIONING THE BEREAVED. Click on Public Speaking to learn more.

Webinar Recordings

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Recording links are $15 each

A Course in…Changing Your Life

  • Build Your Altar
  • Invoke The Real You
  • Start a Love Affair with Food
  • Build a Relationship with Food
  • Love Your Body
  • Surrender to the Divine
  • Inhabit Your Body
  • Consecrate Your Body
  • Ritualize the Change in You
  • Commit To Yourself
  • Feel The Feeling
  • Allow The Pain
  • Exit The Alone Zone
  • Discipline and Disciples
  • Forgive Yourself and Others
  • Honor The Process
  • Birthing The New You
  • Soul Surgery
  • The Body Brilliant

Sacred Circle

Twelve Positions of the Circle

  • One: Pioneering, a Study in Risk
  • Two: Relationship without Sacrifice
  • Three: Communication
  • Four: Building a New Foundation
  • Five: Transformation
  • Six: Matters of the Heart
  • Seven: Sacred Re-Connection
  • Eight: Abundance
  • Nine: Letting Go
  • Ten: Reframing and Rebirth
  • Eleven: True Partnership, True Leadership
  • Twelve: Intuition

Living Happy

Inner Happiness

  • Pursuit of Happiness
  • Happy Heart
  • Happy Mind
  • Happy Body
  • Happy Soul